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October 22, 2009

Jurong Park Connector IPPT Route

Jurong Park Connector IPPT Route

If you wander around Jurong Central Park, you can't miss the new futuristic-looking SAFRA Jurong Club house. Along the Jurong Park Connector that lines the canal, you will find this IPPT (individual physical proficiency test) 2.4-km run route marked out on the park connector track.

There is a sign board displaying the various test stations of IPPT with a map of this route. Fit NSmen who perform the annual pilgrimage to IPPT test centres throughout Singapore now have a new training ground at SAFRA Jurong to work out.

This Jurong Park Connector IPPT route starts and ends along part of the Jurong Park Connector network. The route takes runners into a maze-like run within the Jurong Central Park.

After your run along the IPPT track, you can cool off at the Jurong Shopping Centre
across the road.

Photograph 1, Jurong Park Connector IPPT Route, next to SAFRA Jurong.

Photograph 2, Jurong Park Connector IPPT Route Map.

Photograph 3, Jurong Park Connector IPPT Route, at entrance to Jurong Central Park car park.

Have you cleared your IPPT this year?

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