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October 26, 2009

Bird Park Singapore

Bird Park Singapore

This is a bird park in a quiet part of eastern Singapore. It is unlike the more illustrious and touristy Singapore Jurong Bird Park located in the west.

Photograph 1 of Bird Park Singapore:

This neighbourhood bird park attraction has no fencing to keep out the public. You need not pay an entrance fee to visit this heartlander sight.

It is a short stroll from a body of water and a jogging track littered with stone next to a bus-stop.

Unlike the Jurong Bird Park of Singapore, feathered visitors to this off-the-beaten-path bird park cannot mingle with one another under the same roof.

If you listen closely at this bird park, you may imagine them talking to one another. How are you? Have you eaten? Are you the new bird staying at that block with the best reservoir view? Did you practice your pole dancing routine last night?

Photograph 2 of Bird Park Singapore: A bird park in Singapore where birds gather in their tiny cages perched high on poles.

Where in Singapore is this bird park? Have you seen this bird park in Singapore before?

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yg said...

stst, you gave a number of clues. this 'bird park' is at bedok reservoir park.

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