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November 02, 2009

Floating Platform, Bedok Reservoir

Floating Platform, Bedok Reservoir

Photograph 1: Floating Platform, Bedok Reservoir

Photograph 2: Floating Platform, Bedok Reservoir

Some of you may have seen this scene that is found at Bedok Reservoir. This is a floating platform that you can see at Bedok Reservoir that some residents on our little island would find less familiar than the larger floating platform at Marina Reservoir.

This smaller floating platform at Bedok Reservoir is seen by residents, visitors and travellers to this corner of Singapore. Come here for a peaceful scene of placid reservoir view, especially at sunset or sunrise.

Is the floating platform bouncy like a raft or steady like a rock? How deep is the water around this platform? How do you get onto this island without getting your body wet or using any improvised flotation device?

I'll let you discover more of this Bedok Reservoir park floating platform when you make the trip here at your own leisure time to compare it with the one at Marina Bay.

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Seen This Scene That

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Jinghui said...

A nice place to go & relax, ran pass there during my Sundown Marathon in the middle of the night ! It was great !


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