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December 06, 2009

10 KM Singapore Marathon 2009 Run

10 KM Singapore Marathon 2009 Run

I think it gets easier to run a 10 km race on one's second attempt. This was my conclusion after completing my 10-kilometre run at the Singapore Marathon 2009 on 6 December 2009.

Perhaps it has to do the with the extra training and runs since the first effort at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009. Perhaps it had to do with experience of knowing how to pace oneself better at such a run. Perhaps it was due to the kind weather - cool and cloudy without rain or strong sunshine.

Or perhaps there were fewer distractions or things to see at my maiden run in the Singapore Marathon 10-km run to slow me down. Compared to the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run, I noticed less entertainment available along the 10-km Singapore Marathon running route, and thus less photo-taking opportunities.

There were several people including cheerleaders spread out along the route to raise morale of runners. But no bands or performance groups to spice things up as I raced from start to finish with the occasional stops to rehydrate at the various water points.

Whatever the reasons to account for my perception, my Singapore Marathon 10-km run was an enjoyable effort with a unique atmosphere.

10 KM Singapore Marathon 2009 Run Photograph 1: The finishing line is always something great to look forward to, regardless of running 10 km, 21 km half marathon or the full marathon.

10 KM Singapore Marathon 2009 Run Photograph 2: The medal that 10-km runners get to collect upon completion of the 10-km Singapore Marathon 2009 run.

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