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January 03, 2010

Changi Beach CAFHI Jetty Neighbourhood

Changi Beach CAFHI Jetty Neighbourhood

There is a stretch of beach off CAFHI jetty at Changi Beach park that is a family-friendly place to watch the world go by. I like to bring family here to spend some peaceful hours.

Photograph of CAFHI Jetty Changi Beach Park:

Why is this a great place for families with kids to spend some time together? Kids and their family members can relax here for an outdoor picnic while you watch airplanes flying in and out of the airport, or watch ships plying off Singapore's eastern coast. As dusk falls, they can also observe the distant lights in the horizon, some like fireflies flickering brightly as surrounding light dims.

Within walking distance are kids playground, bbq pits, public carparks, a bistro and a cycling trail that forms part of the park connector network in Singapore.

The sea water surrounding the CAFHI jetty is a protected area. The Sea Rescue Base is located at CAFHI jetty. Its aim is to provide search and rescue in the event of an aircraft ditching incident at sea, particularly off the coast of Changi Airport.

Have you visited the Changi Beach near the CAFHI jetty neighbourhood?

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yg said...

this is the place where the kite surfers/boarders go to during the end of the year monsooon season.

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