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January 07, 2010

Fishing Prawn Pond

Fishing Prawn Pond

The title of this January 2010 post on Seen This Scene That comes from the name of a prawn fishing pond that I discovered recently.

Fishing Prawn Pond Photograph 1:

This prawn fishing pond is called 'Happy Fishing Prawns Pond'. It is located at Lot 35, Pasir Ris Farmway 2 at the eastern end of Singapore in Pasir Ris neighbourhood estate.

Prawn fishing rates are comparable to other prawn fishing centres in Singapore but note that prawn fishing rates may change at any time. You can read about them on this prawn fishing post I wrote earlier.

Here at Happy Fishing Prawns Pond, you can fish for prawns under cover of shade and be protected against rain. This fishing prawn pond has opened three large pools surrounded by a wooden fence attached with mini-tables for prawn fishing. I saw several other empty deep pools nearby that could possibly be used for prawn fishing too.

As usual, if you peer into the pools, you won't spot any prawn. The prawning pools are filled with a dye that turns the pond into a mysterious swirl of dark liquid. This is a well known technique used by prawn fishing pond owners all over Singapore to make it challenging for prawning specialists to hook their preys.

With so many prawn fishing ponds in Singapore, what draws prawn fishing enthusiasts to a fishing prawn pond? I do not have the answer as it would depend on each individual prawn 'fisherman' or 'fisherwoman' or 'fisherkid'.

Fishing Prawn Pond Photograph 2:

Do you like prawn fishing? Have you seen this fishing prawn pond?

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