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January 12, 2010

Singapore Farm Visit For Kids

Singapore Farm Visit For Kids

My search for a Singapore farm visit for kids brought me to a child-friendly place in Pasir Ris, Singapore. Earlier last year, I made a visit to try its popular 'longkang' fishing amenities. On my second visit with my kids this recent school holiday, I discovered more of its farming fauna and farm charms.

Singapore Farm Visit For Kids Photograph 1:

Before you get different ideas about this farm, let me share that this place is more of a prawn fishing and fish rearing farm. Other farm creatures that appear here at this farm site are not the primary reason most visitors congregate here.

However, to farm-starved kids (and adults) in Singapore, this is as close to live animals and live creatures that residents on our little island can get to, short of visiting the Zoo or Bird Park or a pet shop or wet markets of the past.

For a sampling of these farm creatures and farm animals, take a look at the photographs taken at this Singapore farm that kids will enjoy on any visit.

Singapore Farm Visit For Kids Photograph 2:

Singapore Farm Visit For Kids Photograph 3:

This Singapore farm is suitable for a  visit by kids and their families. It is located at Mainland Tropical Fish Farm, No. 1 Pasir Ris Farmway1 at the eastern corner of  Singapore in Pasir Ris.

Do you have any Singapore farm to recommend for kids and families to visit? Share with Seen This Scene That in the comments section below.

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