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January 25, 2010

Jurong Park Connector

Jurong Park Connector

The bit of Jurong Park Connector from SAFRA Jurong to Jurong Bird Park is an isolated stretch of public park. This narrow route took me about fifteen minutes to cycle from one end to another, at a leisurely pace with plenty of photo stops.

What can you see along this scene of the Jurong Park Connector?

Jurong Park Connector photograph 1:

From SAFRA Jurong, the Jurong Park Connector passes through an industrial backyard of factories made of light and medium industries that keeps Singapore Inc humming along. Instead of children playground and fitness stations, one will see dilapidated buildings and empty drainage canals.

It feels like a museum of sorts, where heavy machinery of various kinds like tunneling pipes, cranes or metal parts tucked behind factory buildings can be seen.

There are two shelters parked along this stretch of Jurong Park Connector, although I wonder who would use them in this quiet scene of Singapore.

Jurong Park Connector photograph 2:

Initially I thought that I could cycle along Jurong Park Connector all the way to Singapore Jurong Bird Park. However an overhead pedestrian bridge put paid to those thoughts. I would have to lift and carry my bike up and down long flights of steps to cross the Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim expressway.

Jurong Park Connector photograph 3:

Have you visited the Jurong Park Connector?

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Jinghui said...

The western part of Singapore is now having its park connectors up & running, thanks for sharing with this special park connector going into the industrial heartlands of Singapore!

Behind my housing estate, there is a small park connector along the West Coast Highway leading to the canal and West Coast Road. Should be ready for public in abt 1-2 mths time (maybe).

Another place to visit !


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