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January 26, 2010

North East Run

North East Run

(Latest: My 16-km North East Run experience)

What is the North East Run 2010? It is a new running competition for competitive and non-competitive runners organised by the NorthEast Community Development Council (Northeast CDC) in support of Go Red for Women. Singapore Heart Foundation and Family Life Champion are the other partners of the North East Run.

Google Map of Pasir Ris Park, Singapore: Venue of North East Run 2010

This inaugural run takes place on 14 March 2010 (Sunday) in the north east part of Singapore. The start point and end point of North East Run are one and the same: at carpark C of Pasir Ris Park, within walking distance from Pasir Ris MRT station.

At the time of my writing, the route details were not available. Looking at the length of Pasir Ris Park (which is about 3 km long from one end to another) I wonder where the space to run will be found for the 16 km competitive run.

Every participant of the North East Run will receive one dry-fit running tee, goodie bag and a lucky draw ticket. Competitive runners who complete their run get to take home a North East Run completion medal.

All North East Run Entry Pack must be collected during the Race Expo on Saturday 6 Mar 2010 and Sunday 7 Mar 2010 between 1100hrs to 2000 hrs, at White Sands 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 Singapore 518457.

North East Run Registration Fees
Men’s 16 km
= $30.40 (Passion card member) $38.00 (Non-member)

Women's 16 km
= $30.40 (Passion card member) $38.00 (Non-member)

Go Red For Women (Men's)
= 5 km $21.60 (Passion card member) $27.00 (Non-member)

Go Red For Women (Women's)
= 5 km $21.60 (Passion card member) $27.00 (Non-member)

Fun Run
= 2 km $12.00 (Passion card member) $15.00 (Non-member)

Passion card membership details at www.passioncard.com.sg.

Closing date for North East Run registration is 12 February 2010.

North East Run Website = www.northeastrun.com

For those looking for the thrill of a novel competitive run in a suburban part of Singapore, the North East Run 2010 may well provide that oomph.

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Jinghui said...

Thanks for sharing on the North East Run !

There seems to be quite a lot of runs being organised in Singapore ! They are good community building & bonding runs too ! For some runners, might be a bit too many !

Happy running !!


seenthisscenethat said...

Pick a few runs that interest you. No way anyone can participate in every run in Singapore!

PanzerGrenadier said...

I just participated in Run for My Lunch at East Coast (3km community run).

Mass runs are a good way to get into the spirit of things and feel the good vibes from the community!

Be well and prosper.

seenthisscenethat said...

Hi Panzer, keep up your healthy lifestyle and enjoy your runs!

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