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March 22, 2010

Tampines Park Connector

Tampines Park Connector

Photograph 1 of Tampines Park Connector:

I was at the Tampines Park Connector during my North East Run event on 14 March 2010. Prior to that, I had a practice run for my 16-kilometre training and preparation in the small hours of a weekend morning.

Although the Tampines Park Connector starts from Bedok Reservoir and stretches along Bedok Reservoir Road, Tampines Avenue 1, Tampines Avenue 2 through Sun Plaza Park and eventually ending at Pasir Ris Park, I only managed to traverse the part of the Park Connector Network that hugged Sungei Tampines. That stretch of the Tampines park connector sits between Tampines Avenue 9 and the Pasir Ris beach. It formed part of the running route for the North East Run.

Here, the park connector is a quiet pathway lined by HDB flats and park benches. Children playgrounds can be located between blocks of HDB apartments. Cutting the park connector into two unequal halves is the Tampines Expressway which you can walk across via an overhead bridge that is paved for cyclists (to push the bikes on foot), pedestrians and joggers.

Venture northwards and you will end up running through Pasir Ris Town Park where the fishing ponds can be found.

Have you seen the Tampines Park Connector?

Photograph 2 of Tampines Park Connector:

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Muhd Imran said...

This is my family's usual weekend bicycle route from our home along Ave 9, right to Pasir Ris Beach Park.

The route along Tampines Ave 9 is quiet around 4:30PM to 5:00PM, which makes it tranquil just breezing through with my Wifey and Sonny before we reach the canal bridge.

We love our outings on the park connectors.

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