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March 30, 2010

Scene In Singapore: One-North Park

Scene In Singapore: One-North Park

One-North Park is a public park developed by JTC and Nparks.

Scene In Singapore: One-North Park Photograph 1.

One-North Park is a pleasant outdoor public park with open plaza areas and lawn areas connected by footpaths that allows One-North park users to appreciate the greenery in the midst of an urbanized cluster.

The best feature that I like is a waterfall made up of a vertical wall stretched across part of the One-North park. At night, this One-North park waterfall comes to life with shimmering wall lights.

The open-top hilltop plaza affords a panoramic view at One-North park. Here the breeze can be strong, the tree shade robust and the fellow park users friendly. Pity the scene which is plastered by urban monotony.

Scene In Singapore: One-North Park Photograph 2.

There is also an interactive children playground at One-North Park that serves as a learning tool while keeping kids entertained.

Wide open spaces predominate on the southern slopes of its hilly terrain that is sprinkled with fewer trees and lesser shade. Flowering plants that line the footpaths at One-North park add dashes of colour to shades of green.

Have you seen One North Park in Singapore?

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