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April 05, 2010

Scene In Singapore: Commonwealth Park

Scene In Singapore: Commonwealth Park

Scene In Singapore: Commonwealth Park Photograph 1.

Located along Commonwealth Drive, Singapore, Commonwealth Park is one of the oldest public parks in Singapore.

When I walk around the small park, I get the sense that Commonwealth Park looks its age. Reflections of its loss of physical appeal can be seen at Commonwealth Park. The faded walls of the concrete shelters that frame a small plaza-like space look in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. The brick-like pathways looked in need of a good wash. Even the sign board that announces the name of this park has scars to remind of its lost youth.

I see no children playground or any amenity that is suitable for kids. There are several fitness stations that looked recently installed. These fitness stations appear to be the type that are appropriate for senior citizen use. Wide foot paths that line Commonwealth Park look wider than expected in this cramped park and are certainly wheelchair friendly.

Despite the gloomy feel of Commonwealth Park, there is an unusual sight here that may attract visitor interest. At Commonwealth Park, I spot something, that I do not get to see at other public parks.

What is this unusual scene at Commonwealth Park in Singapore?

It is a railway line that runs along one perimeter of Commonwealth Park that attracts my attention.

I step through a gap in the fence and there is no warning sign to keep intruders away from the railway tracks.

Seeing and hearing no approaching train, I venture onto the track. I quickly snap pictures with my camera, one eye focusing on the track inside my viewfinder with the other eye listening for any approaching train from behind.

Scene In Singapore: Commonwealth Park Photograph 2.

Fortunately, I did not see any train (from either direction) at the time of my visit.

Have you seen this scene in Singapore?

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