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April 20, 2010

Changi Beach Playground

Changi Beach Playground

With the start of school term for many kids in Singapore, this sight of happy kids at the Changi beach playground next to Telok Paku Road would become an uncommon weekday phenomenon.

Photograph of Changi beach playground:

However during weekends, on public holidays and during school holidays, Changi Beach playground comes alive with the sound and sight of toddlers, kids and teenagers.

If you have young school-going kids like me, you will appreciate why this Changi Beach playground can be a very popular hot spot. There are not many playgrounds in Singapore that are situated next to the sea.

Who can resist public playgrounds that come equipped with swings, slides and other attractive playground facilities next to tree-lined sandy beach that oozes a resort-like atmosphere?

Regular readers of Seen This Scene That would note that this is one of my favourite places in Singapore to visit.

Have you seen this Changi beach playground in Singapore? How would you rate this playground at Changi beach park?

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