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June 07, 2010

Cable Car, Kent Ridge Park

Cable Car, Kent Ridge Park

Have you seen a cable car at Kent Ridge Park Singapore recently? Yes, one those cable cars that used to hang high in the sky between Mt Faber Park and Sentosa Island.

I saw one disused cable car, complete with seats, at Kent Ridge Park on a recent visit there. You can actually enter and exit this cable car that shares the same plot of land with an old SM-1 tank as a neighbour.

Photograph of Cable Car, Kent Ridge Park:

In the day time, under the glare of a hot sun, the Kent Ridge Park cable car acts like a hot stove, discouraging park visitors from taking shelter inside the cable car.

When it gets cooler, I think this cable car at Kent Ridge Park would be an ideal spot for a picnic and some nice conversations.

However if there are too many users, they'll have to settle for a tight squeeze with backs facing each others' backs.

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Jinghui said...

Haven't go up to Kent Ridge Park for a while, didn't catch this cable car up there !

The new cable cars are now undergoing trial runs between Mt Faber, Harbourfront & Sentosa, they should probably be be back in operation soon!


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