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June 01, 2010

One North Park Playground Singapore

One North Park Playground Singapore

Photograph of One North Park Playground:

One North Park Playground Singapore is not located any where near the north pole, the pole that is all ice and cold.

Instead, this One North Park playground can be found in Singapore beside North Buona Vista Drive, somewhere between Slim Barracks Rise and Biopolis Street in the neighbourhood of Buona Vista.

What playground features can be seen at the scene of One North Park Playground Singapore? What kind of playground amenities can be seen at the scene of One North Park playground in Singapore?

I have loaded a photograph of One North Park Playground Singapore on my Seen This Scene That. To discover more details, one would have to visit One North Park Playground Singapore to take a closer look.

From the one-north.sg site, one can read about the following features:

Interactive and Sound Equipment

These interactive equipments can make and manipulate sounds which demonstrate acoustics, science, and physics and also promote cognitive development through manipulation, experimentation and imagination.

Parabolic Dish

Two vertical stainless steel dishes create an acoustic space for reflecting and focusing sound. Children discover they can generate sound waves and stop them with a wave of their hand.

Communal Drums

This set of drums was designed from Chinese drums concept which sets the children to experiment with percussion and rhythm. It is more fun when done with group of friends.

Telephone Tubes

The telephone tubes are inter-connected color-coded tubes embedded underground. As you speak, your friend will be able to hear you through the tube. Sounds travels from one of the tube to the other end - of course by using the same colour.

Interactive Floor

Kids can play number games or simply hop along the Hopscotch

Other Play Equipment

There is also other play equipment that comprises variety of play components which promotes physical and social development of a child.

Have you seen the scene at One North Park playground?

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