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November 25, 2010

Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge

I walked across the Helix Bridge with my family in tow recently.

My first few steps walking along the Helix Bridge did not reveal anything unusual about the newest bridge to be built with great fanfare in Singapore.

From afar, Helix Bridge looks like a curved bridge. This is confirmed when I find myself walking up the slopes at one end of the Helix Bridge, against the pull of gravity.

Helix Bridge is a double helix designed bridge. Yes, it looks like coils of wire and steel were supporting the weight of the Helix Bridge.

Once on the bridge, I did not feel that I could walk up along the walls of steel and wire to complete a loop such that I would end up walking upside down when standing on the roof of the Helix Bridge.

That is impossible and would serve no real purpose except to humour people like me.

The real thrill of walking along this Helix Bridge is to feel the vibration and sway - almost like a bounce, when runners start pushing their way across it.

Coincidence had it that by the time I was midway across the Helix Bridge, runners participating in the 2010 Bull Charge race were huffing and puffing their way across the Helix Bridge.

While the floor and supporting structures of the Helix Bridge looked solid, I did not realize that it was more like a suspension bridge that bounces.

If you plan to take photographs on prolonged exposures on this bridge, be prepared for the perceptible movements and the camera shake.

Have you seen to the Helix Bridge of Singapore for yourself?

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yg said...

hi stst, i am a lost follower of your blog. it's not like i have forgotten about your blog; i have had problem assessing your blog for sometime. maybe, it is because my computer is slow or it does not have enough ram.
i like the pictures of the helix bridge. i visited it when it was first open to the public.

Admin said...

Hi yg, thanks for supporting Seen This Scene That. Your access could have been affected by one of the widgets; I get similar problems too. Am trying to figure out which one ...


Muhd Imran said...

This bridge is spectacular but for the life of me, I don't understand why it is built so near to the traffic bridge which cuts the view on that side outright.

Wished it was more centered to the bay, longer and much higher because it commands its own awe-inspiring view by visitors from afar.

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