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November 13, 2010

Youth Olympic Park

Youth Olympic Park

The Youth Olympic Park is a park dedicated to the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010 and the youths of the nation.

From its name 'Youth Olympic Park', I had imagined that the park was built over an area of near Olympic-sized proportions, filled with representative sports-related amenities for individuals like you and I to try our hands on.

Instead, the Youth Olympic Park is a modest-sized outdoor park tucked away in a corner of Temasek Avenue and Raffles Avenue. It is situated at the mouth of the Helix Bridge entrance / exit, next to the Bayfront Bridge.

Here are some photographs of the Youth Olympic Park.

Youth Olympic Park Photo 1:

Youth Olympic Park Photo 2: There are art pieces like this hung on walls at the Youth Olympic Park.

Youth Olympic Park Photo 3: Is this the tallest tree or the highest mountain in Singapore?

Elsewhere, symbols of the various Youth Olympic sports can be spotted on stands at the Youth Olympic Park that double up as stools for visitors to sit and appreciate the uniqueness of this cozy garden.

Have you seen the Youth Olympic Park in Singapore?

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