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July 12, 2010

Changi Airport T3 Slide

Changi Airport T3 Slide

I brought my kids to Singapore Changi Airport. After a meal at one of the restaurants there, we strolled around and discovered there was a Changi Airport T3 Slide.

Photo 1 of Changi Airport T3 slide:

Actually, we found two Changi Airport T3 slides. One Changi Airport T3 Slide was about single storey high, while the other Changi Airport T3 slide was about three storey high.

The slides appeared to be made of steel mesh and both slides ran close to each other. Kids lined up at the opening located at the top, entered the tunnel-like slide and re-appeared at the other end of the Changi Airport T3 slide at the other end.

The shorter Changi Airport T3 Slide is free for all kids to try, while the taller slide is only open to those who can produce a receipt for a minimum spend of $30. Each $30 receipt entitles the holder to 2 rides on the Changi Airport T3 slide.

Have you tried out those Changi Airport T3 slides?

Photo 2 of Changi Airport T3 Slide:

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