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July 17, 2010

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 Photographs

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 Photographs

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 Photographs -1

It has been two years since I took photographs at the Singapore Garden Festival. The premier garden show of all garden shows in Singapore has returned in 2010.

It was with high expectations that I stepped into the Level 6 Suntec City Convention Centre hall recently. The format of the Singapore Garden Festival 2010 remained pretty much the same.

There were familiar categories like Fantasy Gardens, Landscape Gardens and Floral Windows to The World displays at the 2010 version of the Singapore Garden Festival.

Without hesitation, we went straight for the Best of the Show winning exhibits and subsequently inspected all the remaining garden displays and floral exhibits one booth at a time.

Lighting remained subdued as was the case in the past. I had fortunately upgraded my camera system to one that could take images in dimmer lighting without a tripod.

The air-conditioning was robust for a wet Friday evening but we came prepared.

The advantage of visiting the garden show and taking Singapore Garden Festival 2010 photographs on a week day for a family of five is the ticket price - $18, compared to the weekend price of $36 and the quieter crowd.

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 Photographs -2

There was plenty of leg room and elbow room to capture Singapore Garden Festival 2010 photographs. However occasionally someone will still walk into my photographic composition at the critical time. The good thing about using digital cameras nowadays is the ability to review photographic shots and be able to delete unwanted scenes.

Overall, we felt this year's exhibits were less outstanding compared to the previous edition. For one thing the novelty of seeing the Singapore Garden Festival had worn off. We had something to compare with the last festival, and found the present entries lacking that one final ingredient of oomph.

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 Photographs-3

More Singapore Garden Festival 2010 photographs to come in later posts.

Check out this year's Singapore Garden Festival details here.

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