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July 19, 2010

Singapore Garden Show

Singapore Garden Show

More photographs taken at the Singapore Garden Festival 2010. I prefer to call it "Singapore Garden Show". No particular reason except that I find this exhibition feels more of a show: you purchase a ticket, turn up and enjoy it like a show and go home. Not much of a festival feel nor interaction needed.

Here are some of my personal thoughts on some of the garden show exhibits at this Singapore Garden Show.

Singapore Garden Show photo 1

This exhibit besides looking pretty and lacy, reminds me of the starting credits in the Matrix movies - the hanging leaves and flowers look like the green dots and alphabets streaming down in the introductory Matrix movie scenes.

Singapore Garden Show photo 2

With clever lighting, this arrangement of metal trays stacked together look like new multi-storey condos with roof-top greenery in a luxurious condominium launch brochure.

Singapore Garden Show photo 3

This one is more interesting. I could title this exhibit as "Test Tube Flowers". Or I could give it a morbid name: "Flowers and Coffins". Do you recognize the semblance?

Read about my visit to the Singapore Garden Festival 2010 here.

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