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July 25, 2008

Singapore Garden Festival 2008: Fantasy, Assembly, Greenery and Beauty

Singapore Garden Festival 2008: Fantasy, Assembly, Greenery and Beauty

Today I stepped into a wonderful world of flowers and plants, transformed into unbelievable landscapes that enthralled visitors at the Singapore Garden Festival 2008. For the best in whimsical garden designs, implemented by the most capable horticultural partners, look no further than the Fantasy Gardens exhibition at Level 6 of Suntec Convention Centre.

The crème-de-la-crème of garden designers in Singapore and around the world has put together an amazing collection of concepts to wow visitors from 25 July 2008 to 1 August 2008.

Top of the standout list is ‘Seeking Shangri-La’, designed by Singaporean Peter Cheok who won the Best of Show and a Gold Medal at the 2006 edition of the Singapore Garden Festival. His Shangri-La is portrayed in a not-too-distant future like an underwater world where sea levels have risen beyond mountain peaks. Plant-life still managed to thrive in this post apocalyptic scenario and we can see this picturesque subterranean paradise under shifting ice sheets.

In ‘Memories of a Water Village’, Sing Xiaogu from China has created a carbon copy paradise of Jiangnan’s hills and lakes. I liked the beautiful scene of a lake that ripples with each wriggle of carps under a water boat approaching a colourful flowering shore. The message in this creation emphasizes the need to conserve natural heritage amidst human progress.

David Davidson from South Africa, in his ‘Imbizo yase Afrika’ creation, has transported major elements from Africa’s native land into Singapore. His garden is aptly named an Imbizo, as its meaning in African Zulu refers to a gathering. At center stage in his garden is a structure with a dome shaped roof that represents the best of Zulu dwelling, with two giraffes taking shelter inside it. Layered around this structure are native plants from the Cape Floristic Region.

The ‘Rose of Glendalough’ by John Cullen of USA appears to be a crowd puller with the splendour of shifting light casting rich tones on a replica of an old Irish chapel. The garden flowers and plants seem to glow and grow; embracing the stone architecture until the whole scene appears as one delightful natural retreat.

The ModGod Garden by Ng Sek San of Malaysia harks back to the days of temple gardens when priests and kings once ruled the world. Given a modern twist, this garden made of vertical walls filled with colourful plants that reveal the identities of two modern day personalities who are worshipped and admired with almost similar religious fervour. Can you spot one of them in this picture?

There are five more plots of fantasy gardens at the Singapore Garden Festival that are worth checking out. I will keep them secret so as not to spoil your fun when you visit them later.

In fact there are fourteen Floral Windows to the World that showcase flower power in various forms. Another eight Landscape Gardens, well worth seeing, also beckon at Suntec City Convention. If you love Orchids, there is an entire floor at Level 4 devoted to the many mouth-watering hybrids, with many award-winning entries placed next to their trophies.

Children can also study about eco-living and the various ways to reduce mankind’s carbon footprint at the Learning Centre.

Singapore Garden Festival 2008, a well-presented exhibition of the best works from around the world, has something to touch the heart of every visitor. I highly recommend Singapore Garden Festival for all to see, from unconvinced readers to niche hobbyists who expect the best and nothing less.

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Jinghui said...

It was indeed a wonderful world of flowers and plants at the Singapore Garden Festival !! Great write up and nice photos of the event !

I haven't started to blog about it yet, would be up very soon !

Do drop by my flickr & take a look 1st !


Seen This Scene That said...

I love your photo on the fantasy garden's Season of Mist (img_0810). Unique point of view and pin sharp. Well done!

Stardust said...

This is so new to me. I've never learnt of such festival in Singapore. The set up is mind-blowing, I admire the creativity of most, but it all looks so surreal to me. Anyway, I think it should be a good eye-opener.

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