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August 29, 2008

Picture: BBQ Pit 66, Area F, East Coast Park

For readers who are interested in the picture or photograph of bbq pit 66 at Area F of East Coast Park, I have posted it here.

For a map to see where East Coast Park's bbq pit 66 or Area F is, you can take a look at Npark's map of pit 66 location in East Coast Park.

Directions and details (like Bus service number, route map) on how to get to bbq pit 66 in East Coast Park are also available at the same web location.

Note that camping is allowed in this area of East Coast Park. You can see that Area F is very popular for camping by counting the number of colourful tents that are pitched around the area of bbq pit 66. Part of its popularity could be its proximity to washing facilities, toilets and a car park within a short walk. The sea view and sea breeze are also pleasant attractions here.

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