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September 09, 2008

First Formula 1 (F1) Night Race In Singapore

First Formula 1 (F1) Night Race In Singapore

There are not many days left to the first Formula 1 (F1) Night Race in Singapore. The inaugural Grand Prix Formula 1 (F1) night race to be held on 28 September will herald many firsts for the racing scene in Singapore.

It will be the first ever Formula 1 (F1) race in Singapore. It will be the first racing event to race down our City area. It will also be the first Formula 1 (F1) race in the world to be held at night. And ultimately the first of many questions without any answers as yet that will race through people’s head is, “Who will be the first winner in this leg of Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix Night Race in Singapore?”

Despite its pedigree as an international world-class motor-racing event, not many individuals I know are as excited about the Formula 1 (F1) Night Race in Singapore as the media frenzy surrounding it. The Sunday Times of 7 September 2008 certainly pointed out the obvious lack of Formula 1 (F1) race buzz among Singaporeans.

Certainly fewer would be fond of paying top dollars for the cheapest seats just to walk around the spectator stands. If you wish to rub shoulders with Bernie Ecclestone (boss of Formula 1 (F1) race series), Michelle Yeoh (Hollywood actress from Malaysia), Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen or any of the other Formula 1 (F1) superstars, be prepared to loose several digits from your bank account. Commoners like me with thin bank savings accounts and mild interest in Formula 1 (F1) may just have to settle for home TV broadcast of the world’s first Formula 1 (F1) Night Race in Singapore.

What’s Formula 1 (F1)?
No, Formula 1 (F1) is not a breakaway singer from the boy band called F4. I have no idea why the originator of this racing event named it F1 other than to mean “Formula One”. Like a complex mathematics equation, I guess they had to discover who could decipher the mystery and come up with a formula in order to become number one in motor racing.

The official name of this night race in Singapore is quite a mouthful. Its name is the 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. According to its website, in the Formula (F1) Singapore Grand Prix race, contestants in their souped-up cars must complete 61 laps (I think) around Singapore’s central business district in a street circuit. Each lap of about 5.067 km long street circuit will see F1 drivers make 14 left hand turns and 10 right hand turns. How fast an F1 driver can complete one circuit will be known by 28 September 2008 as each F1 driver will try to push his vehicle at speeds in excess of 300 km per hour. An F1 car can hit 100 km/hour in 2 seconds compared to the 10 seconds that cars on our ordinary expressways can achieve.

The prize for the winner who finishes first in this race? Bragging rights, multi-million dollar endorsements, international media exposure, and endless high-maintenance celebrations and parties. Whoever wins the first 2008 Formula 1 (F1) night race in Singapore will celebrate like no other.

Singapore Inc will certainly join in the celebration as well. For turning out to be the ultimate race winner as the host to the world’s inaugural Formula 1 (F1) night race on a street circuit. Plus the bonus of basking in global media attention; and attracting high net worth individuals and companies to contribute to the nation’s treasury.

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