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September 24, 2008

Winner Of Singapore GP 2008 Is ...

Winner Of Singapore GP 2008 Is …

The winner of Singapore GP 2008 is the racer who is the first to cross the finishing line of the world’s inaugural Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix (GP) night race on 28 September 2008 AND does not receive any penalty for GP infringements during the Singapore GP race.

In the last race before the Singapore GP at the Belgium Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton crossed the end point first in classy winner mode, ahead of other GP racers. However the race steward penalized him with a 25-second time penalty.

This GP turn-around pulled his winner’s placing down to third, thereby losing his winner tag. Official appeals by the ex-winner are on-going to re-instate his win (which did not succeed). I am sure multiple GP race-winner Hamilton will be able to put aside these distractions as he undergoes final preparations and aims to become the 2008 Singapore GP night race winner.

I have no preference on who would make a great winner at the first Singapore GP night race. Whoever wants to win the Singapore GP must attempt to be the winner during the qualifying test rounds. He must also be a winner at navigating the street circuit of Singapore GP throughout the street circuit to stand a good chance to be the winner. Other races on F1 street circuits like Monaco have shown that it is difficult to be the winner if they are not in pole position right from the start.

Due to the nature of street circuits elsewhere, over-taking was not possible because of the narrow width of the street tracks. Perhaps Singapore GP’s street circuit may be a different proposition, as some GP experts believe that a winner may emerge from among racers that start behind pole position if overtaking can be done safely in the Singapore street circuit.

I shall watch the show on local “live” TV to assess who see who will emerge as winner of Singapore GP. Past results have demonstrated that only a few teams have the engine pedigree that can win races without an excellent driver. In reality, outstanding F1 driving skills are required to ensure that an F1 team can pick up a winner’s title.

Who will win the inaugural Singapore GP 2008, pop the champagne on the winner’s podium and be crowned Night Race King of Singapore GP’s street circuit? Go on; guess who will be the winner of Singapore GP 2008…

I shall update you on the winner of Singapore GP 2008 when the result is known.

You can also check out the official Formula One website here for the name of the Singapore GP 2008 winner after the race is completed.

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LATEST: 29 September 2008
Fernando Alonso has won the world's first F1 night race. Click to read.

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