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September 23, 2008

Photographs of Formula 1 Night Race Singapore: St Andrew's Road

Photographs of Formula 1 Night Race Street Circuit: St. Andrew's Road

Photograph 1: Picture taken of Formula 1 night pre-race street circuit at St Andrew's Road

These are some of the photographs of the Formula 1 Night Race street circuit taken along St. Andrew's Road nine nights before the world's first-ever night race is held in Singapore on 28 September 2008. The photographs show some of the on-going pre-race work to prepare the street circuit fit for Formula 1 night racing in Singapore.

Photograph 2: Work in progress at Formula 1 night race street circuit along St Andrew's Road

This picture shows workers transporting materials to fix the spectator stands beside the Formula 1 street circuit. Throughout the time leading to the final days of the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix street circuit, night scenes like these will be noted. After completion of the F1 CBD circuit night race, the streets of Singapore along this area will be cleared of these temporary structures.

Photograph 3: Street circuit scene, days before Formula 1 night race

Photograph shows a view of St Andrew's Road in Singapore's Civic District, with the Central Business District (CBD) buildings in the background, through a slit in the metal fencing bordering the road. Note that the Singapore Grand Prix (GP) seats at the padang area have not been installed yet.

Photograph 4: View of what's at the side of F1 race street circuit at night

The photograph above shows part of the narrow passage by the Formula 1 night race street circuit. A two-man wide space between the metal fence along St Andrew's Road on the right and another fence near to the perimeter of St Andrew's Cathedral on the left is obvious.

Photograph 5: Blockers to be used for Formula 1 night race street circuit

Above photograph shows the heavy-duty steel-and-concrete blocks used to line the street circuit for ingapore's very first night race. Imagine how much damage the F1 racing vehicles may cause to these street-side walls or the damage these street-side walls may inflict on F1 vehicles and their mega-star drivers.

There will be many other preparatory Formula 1 night race street circuit works to be completed like road surfacing, street lighting, etc through out the day and night which I will not be able to photograph and capture on digital camera.

To facilitate these F1 night racing related activities, many roads around the street circuit at Marina Bay will be closed to the public, from 20 September onwards. F1 spectators will have to plan their approach carefully to get to their street side seats before the day turns into night.

Details of St Andrew's Road and other road closures during F1 season in Singapore can be found at the Traffic Police website. Check site here on road closure for street circuit (with date and time) from Singapore Traffic Police.

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