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September 10, 2008

Results Of Poll On Hort Park, August 2008

Results of Poll On Hort Park, August 2008

Here are the results of my poll conducted in August 2008. Readers of SeenThisSceneThat were asked this question: “Have you visited Hort Park?” Four choices of reply were provided.

49 valid clicks were accepted by the blogger poll provided by Google. The breakdown of this small sample is given in the table below. 25 readers had visited Hort Park while 24 readers had not. Of those who had not visited Hort Park, many were keen to see the place.

Interestingly, 5 out of 25 readers had a negative experience when they were at Hort Park. What could be the reason(s)? Was the new park over-hyped? Were the visitors expecting too much? Were there other reasons that readers might want to share with other readers of SeenThisSceneThat? It would be great if we can hear from readers in the comments below.

This poll has a very small sample size to draw any firm conclusions. I am also not convinced that most visitors to the website are passers-by, although the blog statistics appear to bear this out. In any case, I sincerely like to thank all my poll participants (and fantastic supporters) who took the time and effort to join in my poll.

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