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September 16, 2008

Sengkang Sculpture Park

Sengkang Sculpture Park

If you are looking for more art pieces other than those in the Singapore Art Museum, look no further than Sengkang Sculpture Park. This neighbourhood park, planted in the middle of Compassvale North in Sengkang at Compassvale Street, has a unique collection of sculptures that are free for visitors to see.

Photo: Coloured balls at Sengkang Sculpture Park

Sengkang Sculpture Park is divided into two parts, with the larger area nearer to the Sengkang MRT station (NE16) while the smaller part lies across Compassvale Street. At first glance, the sweeping overhead LRT viaducts distract visitors from the park. If you follow walk along the paths and follow the LRT viaducts, you may walk out of Sengkang Sculpture Park without realizing it.

This park has designs that bring arts to the visitors of Sengkang Sculpture Park. The theme of the sculptural pieces is centered on marine life and fishing activities.

Coloured balls litter Sengkang Sculpture Park. You can sit on or lean against them but try not to break your spine, as they don’t budge.

Photo: Dancing figurines at Sengkang Sculpture Park

Seven figurine sculptures stand in a row, ready to dance with outstretched arms. The orange coloured blades, looking like their fingers, appear ready to spin in the wind. They also look like catwalk models - those thin-boned anorexic-types in fashion shows.

Photo: Rotating Panel at Sengkang Sculpture Park

Park visitors who accidentally walk into this rotating panel can turn it around to take a closer look at the fish motif. This panel is also useful to block off sunrays, or to shield your eyes from visitors who make a lot of noise.

Photo: Children's playground. fitness station, Sengkang Sculpture Park

A children’s playground and fitness station is on hand to raise temperatures for kids and adults alike. The buzz is more often located at the playground, which seems to be the hangout for kids and their minders at Sengkang Sculpture Park.

Photo: Whale at Sengkang Sculpture Park

If you are curious to know what the inside of a whale looks like, walk right into the bowels of this whale sculpture to experience how it feels to be swallowed alive. This also looks like the 'skeleton' of a plus-sized fish, left in Sengkang Sculpture Park after a delicious dinner.

Want to practice a bit of psychoanalysis? What does this sculpture I found in Sengkang Sculpture Park remind you of? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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