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September 15, 2008

Tampines Central Town Park

Tampines Central Town Park

Tampines Central Town Park occupies a linear strip of parkland at Tampines Street 82 from Block 858B to Block 857A on one side and Blocks 855 and 856 on the other. If you enter the park near Tampines Sports Hall and Tampines Swimming Pool Complex, your narrow field of vision may deceive you into thinking that this park is another plain vanilla neighbourhood park. However upon closer inspection, its extensive range of amenities would impress you.

Residents living around Tampines Central Town Park are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which park amenity to use in their spare time. The features that are available at Tampines Central Town Park consist of an eclectic mix. Common facilities like a playground for children, park benches, fitness station, basketball court, pavilion shelters and walking paths will not surprise visitors. Other less common features at Tampines Central Town Park may raise eyebrows though.

Photo: Skating ring spectator seating at Tampines Central Town Park.

For instance, a roller skating ring with spectator seating at Tampines Central Town Park is an unusual feature for a neighbourhood park. This roller skating ring serves as a focal point for youths to indulge in their favourite pastime. The Tampines Central Millennium Court is the name of this skating ring with its own spectator stands.

Another amenity that is protected by a fence is a grass field used by the Tampines Central Gateball Club. In this game for all ages, two teams battle it out on the court to score points by hitting balls with a mallet-like stick through three gates and at a goal pole.

Photo: "Pineapples" at Tampines Central Town Park playground.

The children’s playground has an unusual fruit theme. Look out for the “water melons” and “pineapples” at Tampines Central Town Park. These fruits differ from the free edible type like those in another Singapore park that I wrote about.

Photo: Clock Tower (background) in Tampines Central Town Park

Park users who engage in their favourite activities will not lose track of time, as there is a clock tower at one end of Tampines Central Town Park. This timepiece is a useful functionality that families can depend on whenever their kids have exceeded their playtime.

Although named as Tampines Central Town Park, its location is not as central as the name suggests. Nonetheless, it is still within walking distance to the Tampines MRT station, Tampines Bus Interchange, mega shopping centers like Tampines Mall and Century Square, the Tampines Regional Library and Tampines Community Centre.

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