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May 22, 2008

Hort Park: A Hot Place To Visit For A Garden Walk In Singapore

Hort Park: A Hot Place To Visit For A Garden Walk In Singapore

Hort Park, the shortened term for Horticulture Park, is the National Park Board’s latest ‘hot’ place in the Southern Ridges to visit in Singapore. This 23-hectare plot of land off Alexandra Road is a ‘hot’ family-friendly place, fronted by an imposing Hort Park building that leads into the Garden Walk, a green corridor of numerous mini-gardens and plant nursery rooms in Singapore.

Why do I use the term ‘hot’ to describe Singapore’s Hort Park and Garden Walk, the newest park, garden and place of interest for Singaporeans and foreigners to visit?

Firstly, the temperature in May has been hitting a high of 34 degrees Celsius in Singapore in the past few weeks. The timing of my visit to Hort Park and the Garden Walk unfortunately coincided with this spell of hot weather, resulting in sweat-stained clothes and parched throats. Without shady tall trees to protect against the hot sun in equatorial Singapore, an afternoon walk in a garden along the Garden Walk that stretches to Kent Ridge Park is a sun-tanning exercise not to be recommended.

Secondly, with the recent official opening of Hort Park and Garden Walk as a park connector in the Southern Ridges, crowds seeking a novel place to visit have been converging on Hort Park like tourists on a sight seeing frenzy especially on weekends. This hot new destination is part of the Southern Ridges of Singapore, a 9-kilometre long stretch of green spaces stretching from Mt Faber Park in the east to West Coast Park in the west.

above: The Web

Thirdly, Hort Park and Garden Walk is a hotbed of gardening-related ideas for garden enthusiasts and even casual visitors without green fingers. For an idea of what Hort Park and the Garden Walk offer, a look at the map would be helpful. Conceptually and according to the National Parks Board, Hort Park is “a one-stop gardening hub for gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. It is also a knowledge hub for plants and gardening and provides the platform for the industry to share best practices and showcase garden designs, products and services.”

Fourthly, when you see a wedding couple posing among the beautiful garden plots in their wedding finery; you can believe that Hort Park and the Garden Walk must be the hottest and most scenic place to visit in Singapore. Indeed, I dare say that Hort Park and Garden Walk is a pretty ‘hot’ place that everyone will find something that he or she will love very much.

As I ambled along the Garden Walk past the 20-odd plots of land featuring gardening landscapes with various plants, flowers and shrubs, several areas caught my attention. I like the “Nursery’ plot that features a life-sized wooden infant crib embedded in a garden of shrubs and flowers. The “Web” station featured a bizarre-looking metal-framed cocoon with blue glass panels that appeared like some UFO spaceship that attempted to land on the Garden Walk but ended up crashing into a heap at a plot of land in Hort Park instead. Two overlapping heart-shaped ponds must surely win the prize for being the most heart-warming exhibit at Hort Park.

Children will love the playground plots along Garden Walk in Hort Park with their unusual selection of playthings. This ‘hot’ playground is a magnet for families with kids. As children play, their parents can sit along scarlet red benches to keep an eye on their young ones.

If you think gardens only thrive outdoors, check out the interior landscaping at the main building in Hort Park. Inspired visitors who cannot wait for a designer to finalize a home plan can pick up potted plants for immediate use at the retail outlet for flowers and plants.

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Stardust said...

The Hort Park sounds very HOT indeed! What a hot place to visit. =D

Milly said...

It does sound hot but interesting non the less. We will have to visit early in the morning. Thanks for the information, great post.

Admin said...

Hi stardust, I enjoyed your spring walk in picturesque Nagano too.

Hi milly, thanks for visiting and the compliment. I like the new look of your blog.

Anonymous said...


Is Hort Park reali that HoT... Will visit early in the morning.

cRayola said...

Nope. I haven't got the chance to walk the entire stretch. It started raining after I walked for 1 hour..

Admin said...

Hi crayola, thanks for the visit and comment. Do try to see the entire Southern Ridges. It'll be fun.

Elaine said...

"Hot" though but my children love Hort Park! We have make a shortlist 10 nature and senic places to go at Today's Motherhood.


Yours is definitely a great blog where I discover other places of interest in Singapore which are hidden treasures. :) Will pop by your site if I need more inspiration of when I run out of places to bring the kids.

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