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October 03, 2008

Google Earth Satellite Map of Singapore

Photograph: Google Earth satellite map of Singapore inside City Hall.

Google Earth Satellite Map of Singapore

While you would be familiar with the sight of Google Earth satellite maps of Singapore on your LCD screen, have you wondered how a similar map of Singapore would appear under your feet when it has been enlarged to fill a cavernous chamber hall of City Hall?

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Map: Google Earth satellite map of Singapore.

In this art installation entitled Singapore 2008, a huge Google Earth satellite map of Singapore is laid on the floor of the Chamber insdie City Hall. One can pretend to be Godzilla and trample the streets and parks of Singapore. You can also jump over tall buildings on a Google Map in a single bound to reach your own residential address. If you like F1 racing, you can race over the Marina Bay street circuit faster than Fernando Alonso.

Once done with a bit of circus fun, paste a paper label to mark your home in Singapore and ponder the significance of your presence as a blip on this map of Singapore in the larger scheme of things.

Wit Pimkanchanapong from Thailand created this Google satellite map of Singapore artwork to encourage people to come forward and have some fun with the large-scale map of Singapore. As more people place tags on the map face of Singapore, it will mess up the expanded Google map.

The idea behind the Singapore map artwork according to Wit Pimkanchanapong is to use it as a "metaphor for nation building where individuals contribute and add meaning and understanding to a new land as they live and work in it."

"Singapore 2008" is one of the less abstract Singapore Biennale artwork that generated a bit of fun for me. The super-cool air-conditioning in the chamber is also one of the better Singapore Biennale venue to hide from the oppressive afternoon heat.

Read up on what the Singapore Biennale 2008 is about here.

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Thank you for this effort. A tribute to our local attractions... all happenings on this island. This is a happening island!

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