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June 01, 2012

Marina Bay Mist Walk

Marina Bay Mist Walk

I wandered through the Marina Bay Mist Walk one cool evening in Singapore.

This Marina Bay Mist Walk is an area located at the banks of Marina Bay between the Marina Bay Sands hotel and convention centre, and the Marina Bay City Gallery.

Fronting the Marina Bay Mist Walk is a boardwalk where one can walk along the bank of Marina Reservoir to enjoy a quiet view of the Marina Bay city skyline.

The Marina Bay Mist Walk provides an interesting interactive feature for visitors. Here, you can receive a free 'spa treatment'. All you need to do is to stand beneath any of the numerous spouts. Under coloured lights, position your body to enjoy some pampering on your skin when the streams of mist land on you.

Marina Bay Mist Walk Photo 1:

Does the temperature of the misty spray alter with changing colours? Does the mist smoothen wrinkles and frown lines? Does it make your hair stickly, gluey or smelly? Would you catch a cold if you stand here for too long? Is the ground wet, slippery or muddy?

Marina Bay Mist Walk Photo 2:

To answer those questions and more, you have got to visit the Marina Bay Mist Walk to find the answers for your unique skin and body type.

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