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July 30, 2008

Pasir Ris Park: Playground Places For Children

Pasir Ris Park: Playground Places For Children

If you happen to be around the eastern half of Singapore looking for the best playground places for your children, search no further than Pasir Ris Park. Situated at Pasir Ris Road, off Elias Road, the kid’s playground at Pasir Ris Park is hidden far from White Sands Shopping Centre and the Pasir Ris MRT Station but well worth the effort to seek it out.

The playground at Pasir Ris Park consists of an enviable collection of playground toys. Catering to children of varying ages, the wide ranging playground items can even tempt parents like myself to try them out as well. This should not be done though, as there are signs that clearly indicate that the playground structures are suitable only for children. Logical reasons would firstly include the fact that the weight of large-sized adults may damage the playground toys on display, and secondly, you will certainly deprive kids out on their fun long weekend a chance to play.

There are few tags for the various play structures at this Pasir Ris Park playground. In any case, children do not need names and instructions to teach them how to utilize the toys for enjoyment. Simply release your children anywhere in this playground, and they will automatically latch on to the playground things that catch their fancies.

For an idea of what these playground structures at Pasir Ris Park look like, here’s a few selected photographs.

There are lights that keep the playground bright after dark, but it is prudent not to let kids stay out late at playgrounds late into the night. I have heard parents’ worry that sweaty kids exposed to night chill may end up falling ill, though I’m unsure of its validity.

For a map of Pasir Ris Park and how to get there, look to Nparks’ webpage.
Pasir Ris Park playground is located in area 3 of this map which you can download (source: Nparks).

Do you have other playgrounds to recommend?

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yg said...

now it seems okay to play at the playground but not okay to swim in the sea.

before my elder girl started school, i used to drive her to play at the 'enormous playround' on some mornings. in the 70s, teaching was not so demanding and petrol price was much lower.

after she had played enough, i would drive her home before heading for work. i was teaching in the afternoon then.

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