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September 08, 2009

Dairy Farm Nature Park

Dairy Farm Nature Park

Singapore's newest nature park, the Dairy Farm Nature Park, was officially opened to the public on 5 September 2009. Before that, blogger friend YG had given a sneak peep of Dairy Farm Nature Park with his posts.

On the way to Singapore Quarry at Dairy Farm Nature Park.

I visited the south-western end of Dairy Farm Nature Park where the Singapore Quarry stood before the park was opened to the public too. (Here is the earlier Dairy Farm Nature Park post.)

Dairy Farm Nature Park (from The Sunday Times graphics)

According to NParks site and the write-up in The Sunday Times of 6 September 2009, this brand new nature park has two unique features that I found interesting.

The first feature that I would like to highlight is the Wallace Education Centre, a former cowshed now turned into a learning centre. It houses the Wallace Environmental Learning Lab (WELL) and an interpretative centre where visitors can learn about the changing landscapes of Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve through various exhibits.

The other must-see feature at Dairy Farm Nature Park are the rare Little Grebe at the Singapore Quarry wetland reserve. The birds are just a small part of the rich biodiversity on the 63-hectare park. Visitors who walk or mountain bike along Dairy Farm Nature Park's nature trails can witness the amazing fauna and flora available in the area.

The Dairy Farm Nature Park is open from 7am to 7pm daily with free admission for visitors.

To get there, take bus service SMRT 700, 700A or 966 and alight at bus stop along Petir Road between Chestnut Ave and Dairy Farm Road. There are two public car parks along Dairy Farm Road.

As I was not aware of the rare Little Grebe (even if I did, the quarry was closed at the time of my earlier visit) and the Wallace Education Centre, looks like I will need to perform a follow-up visit to the Dairy Farm Nature Park soon.

Have you seen the new Dairy Farm Nature Park and its amenities?

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yg said...

hi stst, i visited the s'pore quarry yesterday. it turned out to be more like a bird-watching session. we spotted 7 little grebes, 1 common sandpiper and 1 white bellied eagle. the eagle was perched high up on a nearby tree. along the way, we came across birds like the oriole, the asian glossy starling, the parakeet, the sparrow and the common java myna.
thanks for linking my posts to your blog.
yes, see more places. live more life.

Cashmere said...

Aaah.. Another place to visit when I'm bored.. :D
Thanks for sharing.. :)

Lam Chun See said...

I think one added attraction for the oldies who have been here in the old days would be to try and recollect what it was like before. Do they have a visitor centre with old photos? I remember driving along the old D.F. Road and the condition was terrible; even worse than my kampong at Lor Chuan. And this was in late 70's.

Jinghui said...

Wow !!

Thank you for sharing this post ! Would visit it soon ! Missed the days when I was a Boy Scout hiking down from Bukit Timah Hill summit to Dairy Farm Quarry. Going back to take photos and relieve my Scouting days !

I still remembered an ancient house used for filming (martial arts dramas) ... those were the days when it was still untouched :)


Muhd Imran said...

Thank you for the highlight. Entered its get-there details on my iPhone. This will be one of my next destinations after Hari Raya Puasa.

I love this site. Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Is there any opening hour for the singapore quarry? Like what time cannot go in or all the way is open to public?

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