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July 08, 2008

West Coast Park Singapore: Best Playground In The West

West Coast Park Singapore: Best Playground In The West

I do not know about you, but for my family, 50-hectare size West Coast Park Singapore seems to possess the best kids’ playground in the west of Singapore. This area is located at West Coast Park Car Park 3. This was our conclusion after my family of five turned up for a visit to West Coast Park last Friday evening. West Coast Park’s Adventure-land and children’s playground were also highly recommended by two of my regular readers, yg and panzergrenadier.

Besides personal preferences, various other factors guided us to our conclusion.

Size Matters
When it comes to playground fun, we find that size does matter. The larger space at West Coast Park allows a larger piece of real estate to be developed into playthings for children’s enjoyment. With more plaything structures, the choices increase. This allows even the most finicky child to find something agreeable to his or her taste.

Eclectic Selection
More than that, we find that the selection of playground structures appears more eclectic than the common garden variety allocated to HDB neighbourhoods. Playground planners must have applied more industry to source for such challenging playground structures to seduce kids.

Adventure Park
There are eight playground areas in West Coast Park 3 for your children to select. The ‘toys’ at the Adventureland area 8 are the most challenging and my favourite. Items like Uneven Spring Balance, Spinning Pads and Jungle Bridge require strength and balance to perform. Zipping down the flying fox contraption brought back memories of scouting days as I ‘tested’ the ropes to ensure my kids personal safety. The low, narrow and zig-zag patterned balance beams seemed to mirror the standard obstacle course (SOC) from my National Service days of long ago. For girls and boys who’ve never stepped onto Pulau Tekong, this is the kiddy version of Basic Military Training’s (BMT) introductory grounds that all National Servicemen must go through.

Children’s Playground
A multiplex of interconnected structures form up to provide playground entertainment for children who raid West Coast Park’s playground. Children can pretend to be train drivers at the head of this structure, while others can climb its belly to play passengers on this playground train.

Open Natural Spaces
A sheltered stage with night lighting fronts an open space near beachside. Soccer players, kite flyers, Frisbee throwers and practitioners of other sports and games are free to utilize this huge open area. Short strips of boardwalk allow nature appreciation at the marsh garden and a pond, located at the fringe of West Coast Park. Bird watchers will love the bird watching opportunities here.

Fast Food Convenience
At the end of a day’s exertions, replenish fluid loss and restore empty stomachs at the lone fast food restaurant at McDonald’s where gourmet coffee and cakes are served too. Personal hygiene can be practiced at the public washrooms here as well.

Other activities
Overnight camping is allowed. Cycling, roller blading, in-line skating, walking, jogging and other activities are also common sights here. Nine barbecue (BBQ) pits are available for rental at West Coast Park. For more information on online booking of barbecue (bbq) pit, check my bbq post here. http://seenthisscenethat.blogspot.com/2008/04/how-to-book-barbeque-pit-at-changi.html

Tranquil Sunset & Sea Views
Lastly one of the main reasons why a place is called a park is the tranquil setting where wide spaces surrounded by greenery are premium features highly sought after by park users. A short pier at the rocky shore is the perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze and watch a lovely sunset over West Coast in a tranquil setting.

Easy Accessibility
For maps, click Map of West Coast Park here. Free car parking is available next to the park along West Coast Highway. Bus stop. Service 176 stops directly in front of West Coast Park. Alternatively, services 30, 51, and 143 bring you to the front of Clementi Woods Park (West Coast Road) and a 5 minutes walk through West Coast Link will lead you to West Coast Park Area 3 (near to the Adventure Playground).

All these reasons make West Coast Park Area 3 our current favourite park in the west. Do you know of any other playgrounds in the western part of Singapore?
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Admin said...

What about the best playground in the east or the whole of Singapore? Have you seen one that you'll like to share?

PanzerGrenadier said...

Thanks for the mention! :-)

I still think West Coast Park has the best playground facilities in this part of Singapore for its sheer size and choices. Having a McDonalds' outlet also makes it very convenient for parents to bring their children for a day/evening out.

yg said...

it is a pity that our locals are not taking advantage of these wonderful facilities. most times when i was there, i would see expatriate families at the playground. may be when they start charging, s'poreans will flock to the place.

Admin said...

Hi Panzer: Yes, West Coast Park is a wonderful place to visit and play.

Hi yg: it is indeed a waste that not more locals can come to appreciate such fantastic facilities. but then if too many kids turn up at the same time, the crowds might turn off some people.

Cheers to all!

Jinghui said...

West Coast Park is very near to my home, can walk/run there in 5-10mins.

The size of West Coast Park was bigger years ago but without much life and activities. However, it became smaller and more lively, active and attractive with the many changes e.g. nicer playgrounds, revamped seafront (very nice), McDonalds, events.

It has quite a crowd on friday nights, saturdays and sundays !

Admin said...

Hi jinghui, thanks for sharing this info. I'm sure my readers will be better prepared for a crowd when they visit West Coast Park during those times.

Neha said...

Thanx for such a nice piece of info, was planning to go there , but wasn't very sure.
shall reveiew u back once i go there...

Admin said...

Hi Neha, Welcome! Hope you enjoy your trip to West Coast Park!

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